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Agricopper CU++ generator for Agri


  •     Solid state DC/DC control unit
  •     Adjustable power output
  •     Amp meter and Volt meter LCD
  •     Weatherproof enclosure IP65
  •     220 vac, 50/60 Hz - 12 Vdc
  •     DC portable unit
  •     Indicator lights
  •     Quick installation

Charged copper CU++ solution is compatible with most sprayer chemicals.

Electrostatically charged droplets are physically attracted and adhere to grounded objects. They deposit on all plant surfaces, this electrochemical bond will ensure a greater residual of product.

The  AgriCopper unit is an advanced electrolytic process which emits small amounts of copper ions CU++ into the system (sprayer or irrigator) for the purpose of fungal, bacteria, bio-film,  downy mildew and algae control, while reducing the hazards associated with chemical use and dosing.

The agriCopper System utilizes an advanced process known as ionization, whereby electrolytically generated copper ions are dispersed into a water stream for the purpose of microbiological and algae control. A direct current is applied across copper electrodes at a dose rate which is automatically maintained by the control unit, making the AgriCopper extremely reliable and user friendly in field operations.

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