Ozone is produced by passing air through a high voltage electrical discharge, or corona. A minimum of 5,000 volts of electricity is necessary to create the corona effect. Air or oxygen dried to a minimum of -60° C dew point passes through the corona which causes the O2, bond to split, freeing two O1 atoms which then collide with other O2 molecules to create ozone.  The ozone/gas mixture discharged from the CD ozone generator normally contains from 1% to 3% ozone when using dry air, and 3% to 6% ozone when using high purity oxygen as the feed gas.

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Ozone Calculating Formula for Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool Capacity x circle time per day x 1.1 /24 Hour;
Ozone dosage is 1.0mg/L
Such as: Swimming Pool Length: 25 meter; Width: 12.5 meter; Height: 1.7 Meter
Circle time: 6 times per day
25×12.5×1.7×6×1.1/24=146.1m 3 /h
The ozone dosage is 1.0 mg/L
Then, that will require ozone 146 grams/H; generally, we could suggest customer to
choose 150 grams/H;
Generally, some customers adopt both ozone and chlorine tablet use on swimming pool
to reduce the running cost for the whole project.
Meanwhile, the mixing solution (dissolve ozone into water) will be important for the
project. The mixing result will be affect real ozone requirements.